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This service is composed of security agents who posses perfect knowledge of economical and social environment.

Considering the type of the mission, the task of the safety coordinators is to: prepare a whole safety plan or integral protection plan, to improve it, to apply it or to supervise the real or potential risks.

Certain functions with very high responsibility, when the question is managing a whole safety or protection plan (personal managing, logistics, acknowledging the environment and infrastructures, etc.) by those in some cases safety coordinator can be used. In that case the person is named "official in charge". The role of the team leader can be given to a coordinator when it is a matter of integral safety plan which is handled in the safety capsule.

The safety coordinator at your side, will play an important role in securing individually You or a group in changing the locations. He will discuss with You methods and behavior which is in Your best interest. Please note that cooperation of the client plays important role in success of every mission.