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This service of the agency is assembled of specialists who are qualified by Management and Safety council. At demand of the client they are disposing their capability and responsibility, so they can evaluate safety means (ex. to improve situation or to make a new concept). By that they are competent to overcome threats risks, which ones are possible in difficult periods or in un stabile geopolitical situations.

This service of the agency is capable of creating a integrated safety plan and carrying it out in praxis (with an active preventive phase) which is complied from different aspects of doctrines, human resources, technology and different processes.

We are capable of organizing and providing all safety operations (trips, security of locations etc.) one or more persons on grounds of some specific event.

Plus all that we are specialized in security analyses of infrastructures like buildings, factories and complexes, likewise security advising which enables us to improve already existing concepts.

A full analysis, a detailed study, a developed strategy, a methodical planning and precise carrying out missions; these are our key words.